Bansud, officially the Municipality of Bansud or Bayan ng Bansud in Tagalog, is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines with a population of 42,671 people.

Brief History

The Municipality of Bansud was formerly a barrio of the town of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. By virtue of R.A. No. 2514, sponsored by Congressman Jose J. Leido, Sr. and approved by President Carlos P. Garcia, Bansud was created into an independent municipality coinciding with the thirteenth (13th) celebration of the Philippine-American Friendship Day. July 4, 1959 marked the inauguration of Bansud as a town. From a very rural beginning, Bansud has developed slowly but in the latter years, it has leaped forward to a fast progressing municipality under able and decisive leaders with intense desire for progress and concern for the improvement of the people.

Quick Facts

The name Bansud is said to be derived from a legend. The legend says that long ago the Mangyans, the aborigines of the Mindoro settled in the lands near the mouth of Bansud River, which they called “Basud” which means Delta. The delta provided fertile soil for the people; hence they lived there peacefully and productively until the time that settlers from the province of Marinduque and Visayan Islands moved in. In many years that followed, the word “Basud” was eventually changed to Bansud.